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Thank you for your interest in our pups!

 Welcome to our website! 

We are The Cromwell Family and we are located on a small beautiful acreage just outside of the village of Cranbrook in Huron County where our dogs can run, play, go for walks and enjoy life. Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and we love having them with us. We have been raising, grooming, and training dogs for years and enjoy what we do immensely. 

Each of our puppies are home raised and socialized with our children, other dogs and pets. Our breeding dogs are chosen carefully for temperament, beauty and health. This helps to ensure their offspring will be well rounded dogs for your family. Our dogs are fed high quality nutrition , supplements, vaccinated and given Revolution to ensure that they are at their best. 

WE ARE NOT A KENNEL. Our dogs live in our home or with their guardian family. We set up our breeding program like this because we believe our dogs should be members of the family first.

About The Breeder...

Hi, I'm Jenna and I would like to tell you a bit about myself. First, I am the mother of 2 beautiful girls and value all things "family". Dogs and animals have always been a part of my family since I was young and I have always enjoyed working with them.

During highschool, I worked part time at pet food store and was a kennel attendant at a veterinary clinic. I graduated from the University of Guelph and was soon working in a vet clinic. I enjoyed all aspects of the clinic, but working with the groomer and grooming was my favourite, one of my passions was born.  
I also worked as the manager of a major pet food chain store where my knowledge of pet nutrition and the pet industry was further expanded. I worked with many rescue organizations, shelters and charities.
Eventually, I started my own grooming business which I still do to this day.

I was then introduced to training and obedience by a friend. I started training puppies for a local breeder. It felt good, after all, a well behaved, well mannered dog is less likely to end up in a shelter. I loved watching their owners enjoy their new puppy. I started working part time at the kennel I was training for and became very interested in the breeding aspect, thus another passion was born.

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